Crystal Therapeutic Properties

The first known reference to the healing power of certain crystals comes form an Egyptian papyrus dated around 1600BC< which gives directions for their curative use. Beads of lapis Lazuli, malachite, and red jasper were worn around a sick person's neck so that the disease could pass through them and dissipate. The practice of placing or wearing stones on various areas of the body, with its amuletic links, was only part of the repertoire of healers in history. A particularly popular medicinal method was to pulverize gems, mix them with a liquid, and drink the result- the forerunner, perhaps, of mineral water. 

In 1746 Sir John Hill believed that it was the minerals which accounted for the curative powers. "Rogue" atoms of metals in some crystalline compositions are indeed responsible for the variety of colours available. Whether early civilizations knew of this link it is impossible to say, but certainly the mystical properties of gemstones were largely associated with colour. When hematite is crushed it produces a red powder Hematite healing properties were linked with blood related conditions. 
The universal belief in the benefits of gemstone medicine began to erode in the early 16th century. One of the catalysis may have been the first systematic attempt at viewing mineralogy as a science.

In the 16th century it was discovered that the stones had a subtle effect on the body when worn; close to the body’s subtle energy systems to bring about healing. The practice of taking gemstone powders internally continued in high society, as might be expected, considering the high cost of the raw ingredients. 

By the beginning of the 20th century people were looking for a more scientific explanation for crystals healing. 

By the 1980's Marcel Vogel, a respected authority on crystals, had place the power of the crystals firmly in the scientific domain. He suggested that the key to understanding their ancient knowledge lay in the connection between the vibrations sent out by the human mind and the perfect inner structure of the crystals. It has been proven that the human mind can indeed interact with the crystal to create effects on the body, mind and spirit.