Mindfulness 111

Every Monday, 2 Mar – 6 Apr

2 hours a week $350


Self-love is not just about feeling good or taking time for yourself. It’s a state of appreciation for oneself that grows from actions that support your physical, psychological, and spiritual growth.

Self-love allows you to accept your weaknesses along with your strengths, and to have compassion for yourself as you strive to find personal meaning and fulfilment. It may seem hard to grasp, but self-love and self-care are important for overall well-being.

Did you know you’re actually creating your life with your thoughts?

It can be challenging to shift from self-judgement and negativity to compassion and positivity.

Come and learn.....

Self-love is a dynamic experience that expands and moves with you as you change, experience life, and grow. Learning and integrating mindfulness will help you to cultivate self-love. Being connected to what you feel, think, and want allows you to remain mindful of who you are and act on this knowledge.

Learn to slow down and begin to notice what you’re saying to yourself and the thoughts that you’re having.

This is an art in progress, every day is a new day to be more loving and compassionate towards you.

This is a fun course with homework (YES HOMEWORK) but this type of homework is for your personal growth into becoming a mindful self-loving "BEing" cos YOU ARE SO WORTH IT!

Please confirm ASAP if you are attending as I have limited seats available for this workshop.