The Shaman's Drum is a powerful tool for healing and inducing altered states of consciousness. Drumming is a connection to the heartbeat of Mother Earth and is a reminder of the natural rhythms of the Universe.

  Learn an ancient practice of the Warrior Shaman. The drumbeat represents the heartbeat of Mother Earth.  It also is the amplifier of intent.  It has the power to heal, transform and transport us to new dimensions of our spirit.  Make your own Shaman’s Drum with Barry. As he guides you through the step by step process making your own Medicine Drum. Gain insights and clarity from within as you make this very powerful healing tool.

All materials are supplied and no experience is necessary. Approx 7 hours.

(Drum 340 diameter x 75 deep, other sizes by arrangement)





A few things drum makers need to bring with them:
1. A towel to place wet skins on.
2. Wadding for beater head, an old sock will do perfectly, also bring something to cover the beater head,         maybe a piece of leather or tapestry
3. A pillow case to take the drum home.
4. Bring a selection of beater sticks about a finger thick...and as long as from your wrist to elbow.

Barry travels extensively and has spent time with various tribes in America. He was taught drum making by a First Nation Chief and has been running drum making workshops for many years. He just recently presented a drum to the  Mongolian Shamanic Association, guest lecturer at NZ Leather Association and played pow wow drum with the First Nation tribes in Canada.


Anytime by arrangement.


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