GREETINGS I AM Barry

Some 30+ years ago the Great I AM gathered together a group of us (Mainly from the UK) in Hamilton New Zealand to listen to the channelled voice of the Master Teacher Abraham.

For all of 1987, every week we were taught all we wanted to know about any subject you could think of. What happens when you die? Why is meditation good for you? What are UFOs? Who is in them? How was Earth populated? Do we reincarnate? What did we do in a previous existence? Do we have guardian angels?

At that time I was so excited to be given this knowledge and had an overwhelming desire to share this information with the world. I expressed my desire at the time to run a radio programme. Life's journey took me away from my mission for some years because it was 17 years later that I started my show. But, the important thing to know is that I had been guided to run a radio station for 11 years to give me all those skills.

Listen live to "The Voice Within" on Thursdays 1 to 2pm (NZ time) at 89.0 FM or world wide www.freefm.org.nz or down load archived shows (Usually the last few weeks)

I was guided back to our original Abraham group and found Dawn K Foster, one of the class, after an horrific car crash, was now channelling numerous teachers. I also found that our original class had contacted America and now all across the States, Urantia Book reader groups were also receiving channelled messages which they credit us in Hamilton with starting off. Due to the wonder of the Internet I correspond with them and have also spoken at three of their conferences.

At the same time I was guided to attend the Arthur Findlay Spiritual College in England to further increase my knowledge.

Life's journey took some more turns and when the time was right, (2006) thing were put in place for me to take ownership of a books and crystal shop and shortly thereafter a nationwide spiritual magazine.

It was always my intention that the venue would become the haven for like minded people, somewhere that truth seekers could come and what ever was said it would not be 'strange' or they could get answers to their questions. During the ensuing years so many people have been guided to us, the seekers, the down hearted and the plain scared.

We finally moved from our temporary premises in June 2008 to our bigger shop which has a 50 seater room attached where we hold our classes, films, seminars, concerts, socials, training courses and festivals.

All along the way the right people have been put in place to carry the mission along. People associated with the shop are all the most excellent people you could wish to meet to give answers to your questions and  give the guidance you need.